No Curves – The Supreme Poet


Screen print by No Curves x  “Subsidenze Street Art Festival Ravenna 2014”

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No Curves – The Supreme Poet – Screen print

Screen print by No Curves x  “Subsidenze Street Art Festival Ravenna 2014”


English Version

Screen print by No Curves and handprinted by Serimal

The Supreme Poet  50×35 cm, cotton paper 400gr, 3 or 4 color Screen prints

32 Limited Edition Screen prints + 1 tape original custom piece (as the Canticles of Divine Comedy)


About the artist


Known for his unique and geometric style, characterized by the total absence of curves and roundness, he realizes his artworks exclusively with adhesive tape. Working on every type of surface, going from streets’s walls and advertising posters until art galleries and disused factories, NO CURVES traces his path with scissor’s strokes and adhesive tapes. A path that in the last years leaded to prestigious collaborations with international brands, agencies and galleries including Adidas, Smart, Converse & Footlocker, Rolling Stone Magazine, Tesa and many more



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Peso1 kg

cadmio green, mustard yellow, silver – gold


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