Nemo’s – Who is Nemo’s


The naked, flaccid, creatures painted by the young street artist who goes by the name of Nemo’s could easily be mistaken for aliens. His goal seems to be to gradually invade our spaces with bodies devoid of any individuality, bodies that can only be distinguished from one another by their poses and the metamorphoses that melt their anthropomorphic guise with shapes of animals or objects.
The look on their faces is immutable: their eyes express fear and dismay, their mouths are wide open in a permanent Munch’s scream. This doesn’t mean that these terrified invaders, apparently weak and helpless, aren’t dangerous. A cartoon comes to our mind, A Brief History of the United States of America by Michael Moore, where the conquerors first exterminating Native Americans then bringing war all around the world are portrayed as trembling and scared individuals, who are the first to attack because of their fear to be attacked. Nemo’s images actually hit and hurt us, staring at us from the city’s walls as well as the pages of this book.

hardcover, 192 pages, 190×235 mm

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Artist Nemo’s

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